Programs Provided By the Ministry


Primary care:

Delivered from eight polyclinics that are strategically located and provide a wide range of preventive and curative service

Acute, secondary, tertiary and emergency care:

Provided by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH)

Mental Health:

Provided at the Mental Hospital, and a halfway house that rehabilitates persons with psychiatric disorders for entry back into the community.

Care of the Elderly:

Provided through the St. Michael Geriatric Hospital and three district hospitals that provide long-term care.  The programme also involves a partnership with nursing and senior citizen homes in the private sector.

Care of the disabled:

Assessment and rehabilitation services for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities.  The programme also provides long-term care for persons with physical and mental disabilities.

Pharmaceutical services:

Provided by the Barbados Drug Service, an agency that controls the importation and distribution of essential drugs in the country.

Health Promotion:

A strategy to bring about a change in the health profile of the country, with the overall goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellness among the population.