About the Ministry of Health



The vision of a healthy people is to empower individuals, communities and organizations in the pursuit of health and wellness in a health system that guarantees the equitable provision of quality health care, thus contributing fully to the continued economic, cultural, social and environmental development of Barbados. It supports the country's overall national strategic plan, which aims "To make Barbados a fully developed small island state by 2012.



To provide comprehensive health services to all Barbadians. The Ministry of Health is the executing agency for the delivery of health care in the public sector and has responsibility for planning, regulation and evaluation across the public, private and NGO sectors.  It is headed by a Minister who has overall responsibility for policy-making and political direction.  Decision-making is centralized and there are no local authorities. 

The Permanent Secretary is the administrative head, functioning the chief executive and accounting officer; and is responsible to the Minister for the proper functioning of all sections of the Ministry.  The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for all technical and professional aspects of the health service.



The objectives of the Ministry of Health are to promote health, provide comprehensive health care and to ensure that environmental concerns are considered in all aspects of national development. 

These objectives are achieved through programme areas established in accordance with the Caribbean Cooperation in Health (CCH) Initiative which was introduced in 1984, adopted by the CARICOM conference of Ministers responsible for Health, and approved by the Heads of Government in 1986.