About Us

The Ministry of Health and Wellness is the executing agency for the delivery of health care in the public sector. It is responsible for health services management, operations, and delivery of services. It defines policies, establishes strategic directions, regulates the sector, and finances these services.

The Ministry is headed by a Minister whose authority is vested in the Health Services Act Cap 44 of the Laws of Barbados. The Act, states, inter alia, that the Minister of Health shall be responsible for the administration of this Act. As such, the Minister has overall responsibility for formulating health policies, setting strategic directions, norms and standards, enforcing regulations, as well as providing political leadership for the sector.

The Permanent Secretary is the administrative head of the Ministry, functioning as the chief executive and accounting officer, and is responsible for the overall functioning of all sections of the Ministry. The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for all technical and professional functions of the health sector. In this regard, the Chief Medical Officer has statutory responsibilities, which include oversight of the practice of health care professionals and the regulation of delivery of health services and products.

The 1969 Health Services Act of Barbados, Cap. 44 and the Drug Services Act 1980 provide the framework to ensure that the population receives universal health care coverage and access to quality drugs at affordable prices regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. The national policy is to provide medical services free at the point of delivery, to ensure accessibility to all.