Drug Service Act Cap 40A

The operations of the Barbados Drug Service (BDS) are governed by the Drug Service Act Cap 40A and the Financial Administration and Audit (Drug Service) Rules.

Health Services Act Cap 44

The steering role of the Ministry of Health and Wellness is articulated in the Health Services Act Cap. 44 of 1969 of the Laws of Barbados.  Its functions include:

  1. a) The prevention, treatment, limitation and suppression of disease, including the conduct of investigations and enquiries in respect thereof; 
  2. b) The publishing of reports, information and advice concerning public health, including advice to the Government and the education of the public in the preservation of health; 
  3. c) The abatement of nuisances and the removal or correction of any condition that may be injurious to the public health; 
  4. d) The control of food and drugs in the interest of the public health; the seizure and destruction of food and drugs that do not comply with this Act or any other regulations; and, the protection of the public from fraud, counterfeit or deception; 
  5. e) The acceptance and administration of gifts of money or property from individuals or organizations donated for any unit of the health services administered under this Act.

The 1969 Health Services Act is the legal framework that assigns the health authority the regulatory function for public health matters. Various regulations relate to surveillance and investigation of notiļ¬able diseases; the safety and effectiveness of drugs; the operation of pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants; strengthen control of imported foods, periodic inspection of health services facilities, laboratories, and pharmacies; regulation and monitoring of the operations of private hospitals, nursing and senior citizens’ homes.  

The professional practice of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and paramedical professionals is regulated by Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental and Paramedical Councils, respectively.

Water Reuse Act Cap 2023-10

This Act may be cited as the Water Reuse Act, 2023.

An Act to provide for the capture, collection, treatment and reuse of wastewater for various purposes.