Primary Health Care

Barbados Primary Health Care is delivered from the nine polyclinics and two satellite clinics that are strategically located along with the major road networks within each catchment area.

The polyclinics are:

  • Branford Tait Polyclinic, St. Michael
  • Maurice Byer Polyclinic, St. Peter
  • Winston Scott Polyclinic, St. Michael
  • Eunice Gibson Polyclinic, St Michael
  • David Thompson Health and Social Services Complex, St. John
  • Glebe Polyclinic, St. George
  • Randal Phillips Polyclinic, Christ Church
  • Edgar Cochrane (Polyclinic, St. Michael
  • St. Philip Polyclinic, St. Philip

The satellite clinics are:

  • St. Joseph Outpatient Clinic
  • St. Andrew Outpatient Clinic

The polyclinic model is based on the primary health care approach and therefore provides a wide range of preventive and curative services, including maternal and child care services, immunization, family planning, dental care, general practice (GP) services, environmental health services, dental and eye care, Communicable Disease Control, Rehabilitation Services, Reproductive Health Services, Pharmaceutical Services, Nutrition Counselling, Chiropody, Voluntary Counselling, and Testing for HIV/AIDS, Fast Track Service - Winston Scott Polyclinic. 

The Winston Scott Polyclinic provides extended hours.