Paramedical Professions Council

The Paramedical Professions Council (PPC) is governed by the Paramedical Professions Act Cap 372 C. The Paramedical Professions Council is a member body selected by the Minister of Health and Wellness to regulate the practice and maintenance of professions allied to health in Barbados.

There are currently twenty-five professions regulated under the Act. Some of these regulated professions include: Physiotherapy, Psychology, Podiatry, Dietetics and Nutrition, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pre-hospital Care, etc. All qualified professionals are required to apply to the Council to be registered BEFORE practising in Barbados

The Paramedical Professions Council currently regulates approximately three hundred and eighty (380) professionals. The Council handles matters relating to paramedical professionals such as complaints and these should be addressed to the Council in writing

The Council ensures and regulates safe practices within the paramedical professions. Your paramedical practitioner will be given a Certificate of Registration from the Registrar of the Supreme Court, which you may ask to see.  You can also contact the Council to query whether a practitioner is registered.

For further information, please click here or contact the Paramedical Professionals Council at: or call 536-3906.

Please select and download the require application below.