St. John & St. George Targeted For Fogging

The Vector Control Unit will take the fight against mosquito-borne illnesses to the parishes of St. John and St. George, next week.  The team will focus on districts in St. John, primarily, from Monday, July 1, to Thursday, July 4.

On Monday, they will spray Sealy Hall, Consett Bay Cul-de-sac, Codrington, Sargeant Street, Welch Town, Coach Hill, Haynes Hill, Colleton Gardens, and environs.

The next day, Tuesday, will be the turn of Cliff Cottage, Colleton Tenantry, Glebe Land, Pothouse, Edge Cliff, Hothersal Tenantry, Edge Cliff Gardens, and Malvern.

The Unit will visit Clifton Hall, Church View, New Castle, New Castle Park, Zores, Martins Bay, St. Margaret’s Village, and Glenburnie, on Wednesday.

It will go into the following districts on Thursday: Hackleton’s Cliff, Horton Village, Venture Nos.1 to 4, Mount Tabor Heights, Sherbourne Nos. 1 to 3, Sherbourne Gardens, Wilson Hill, Claybury Tenantry, and Easy Hall.

The fogging exercise for the week will conclude on Friday, July 5, in communities in both St. John and St. George.  They include Wakefield Road, Four Roads, Lemon Arbour Village, Bayley Alley, Sweet Vale, Butcher Road, Brathwaite Road, and Golden Ridge.

Fogging takes place from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. daily.  Householders are reminded to open their windows and doors to allow the spray to enter.  Children should not be allowed to play in the spray.

Members of the public are advised that the completion of scheduled fogging activities may be affected by events beyond the Unit’s control.  In such circumstances, the Unit will return to communities affected in the soonest possible time.